Yeast Used To Increase Production Rate Of Low Calorie Sweetener

Sweeteners are used to help make food and drinks better tasting. Sweeteners are generally of low calorie as means to help people use it as an alternative of sugar. Low calorie sweeteners are obtained from lactose from different types of dairy products. However, adding small amounts of yeast to the sugar will produce Tagatose which helps lower the calories.

However, a recent study conducted by a team from the University of Illinois was able to develop a new method that helps make the process of creating Tagatose more efficient. The study led by Yong-Su Jin, which is a professor at the university, created a strain from yeast which can help produce more quantities with least cost.

Dr. Yong-Su Jin commented on his results saying, “Tagatose is a sweetener that exhibits almost identical tastes and textures of sucrose, or table sugar. However, Tagatose has many fewer calories than sucrose – about 40% of sucrose. In addition, it does not increase blood glucose levels as much as sucrose or fructose. The glycemic index of Tagatose is 3, which is much lower than that of sucrose, 68, and fructose, 24. As such, Tagatose carries a lower risk for developing Type 2 diabetes and other diseases caused by rapid and repeating glucose increases in blood”

Currently the main problem in the production of Tagatose is the fact that the enzyme reaction that takes place in production is only 30% efficient.