Your trip to the hospital can be saved by your mobile phone

Your trip to the hospital can be saved by your mobile phone

Someone who has been nursing diabetes since the past 30 years, Reuben Magoko who is now 73 years old, had been in denial for ten years mainly because of the stigma that is associated with the disease. However, thanks to technology, not anymore. Magoko does not now have to visit the doctor every time his blood pressure crashes.

All he does is that he uses his mobile phone as a backup. He gets logged into Tiba Yako which is one of the cutting edge phone apps which places a signal to the doctor a button away.

As the utility of mobile phones has become crucial in rural Kenya, global pharmaceutical companies, as well as doctors, are relying on the technology to reach the ill people in rural areas.

For Magoko, the mobile phone is not just a means for communication, it is his everything. He passed the following statement regarding his attachment with the mobile phone: “I have access to everything I need by means of the phone-screening, prescriptions, consultations, tests, and all the required information on how to take care of my condition.”

Released in the last week in Nairobi, Tiba Yako is the state-of-the-art mobile phone app in the medical field which assists the users in monitoring their hypertension & diabetes from the comfort of their homes. The program gives allowance to the patients to keep a check on their blood pressure as well as the glucose levels at their ease, then send the results digitally to their doctors to get a review.

Patients who are linked to the Tiba Yako platform are also connected to another mobile platform knowns as M-tiba which further links the users to the health insurers and clinics immediately through their mobile phones.